Press Cuttings

Periodically we will add links to articles or opinion pieces appearing in the press that are particularly relevant to our members.

Cannabis accessories: The strange world of the 'head shop'

BBC News Magazine - Helen Soteriou - 25th November 2014

Another well balanced and informative piece, this time on the BBC website.

The End Is Nigh for Britain's Legal High Shops

Vice - Max Daly - 12th November 2014

A balanced report on the importance of new psychoactive substances (NPS) to many Headshops turnover and the likely impact on many Headshops to the impending blanket ban on legal highs.

Is Google on the wrong side of history?

Weed World - Issue 111 - Paul O'Connor - June 2014

More harassment from the big corporations. This time it’s Google and YouTube. If you promote your business online this is for you.

Bunch of Bankers

Weed World - Issue 92- Potski - February 2011

Lifting the lid on how the banks and credit card companies are trying to stifle the trade in cannabis seeds. This article is a few years old now but the situation has not changed. If anything it has got worse for businesses selling seeds, not only in the UK but in most countries we are aware of.